Grill-O multi-contact Grill

Radiand is proud to introduce the Grill-O, a multi-contact grill that is versatile and

simple to use. Imagine preparing fresh panini, grilled sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers,

vegetables, kebabs, quadrilles and much more all with one counter top

grill. Our engineers designed a unique system that can swap a variety of contact

grill plates in seconds. The Grill-O is the first in its class to change from a grooved to

a smooth grill plate in just seconds without having to disconnect small hardware that

could be easily misplaced.


The Grill-O frame is built of solid

food grade stainless steel which is not only durable, but is easy to clean. Additional

grill plates can be purchased.


SPEC Sheet


• 32 Amps

• 120 Volts

• tow 6' electric cords

• 3000 Watts

• 65 pounds

• 8 1/2” Height

• 22 1/2” Width

• 14 1/8” Depth

• smooth & grooved plates

• dishwasher safe plates