Stage Station Dock

The Stage Station Dock (CT-SD) is the ultimate

companion for the Radiand Square series of cook-tops. There is no

other system like it in the industry. Just drop in the Square Commercial

Cook-top and you are ready to go.

Whether cooking in the kitchen or table side, the CT-SD can fit in perfectly

in both a commercial kitchen or in the heart of a dining room.


With easy to control temperature knobs and oversized toppings trays, the Stage makes it possible to assemble and cook crepes, pancakes, fajitas, wraps and more in just minutes without endless trips to a cold chest or range top.


SPEC Sheet


• 15 Amps

• 120 Volts

• 1800 Watts

• 120 Pounds

• 31 1/2” Height

• 37 1/2” Width

• 25 1/2” Depth

• Warm Insert Trays

• Chilled Insert trays

• Water Tank

• Lockable Casters

• 3/8" Glass & Pipes Optional