IQSB-g (Gas)

 Sphere Automatic Boiler

The Sphere Boiler (IQSB-g) is constructed with food grade stainless steel, and has six baskets that can be individually programed for cooking time durations. The easy to use touch control panel is conveniently located in the front of the IQSB-e for easy access.


The Sphere uses a new anti-stick technology (Even Flow Technology) developed by the engineers at Radiand to ensure that every food item in the baskets will not stick to one another while cooking. The automatic water fill feature controls water levels so timely manual filling is unnecessary.


SPEC Sheet


• 5 Amps

• 208 / 240 Volts

• 500 Watts

• Natural Gas Heater

• 61,000 BTU's

• 250 lbs. Weight

• 35 15/16” Height

• 21 1/2” Width

• 38 1/2” Depth

• 13.2 Gallons

• 6 Baskets